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8. November 2022
Best places in Europe for New Year’s Eve

What's the plan for New Year’s Eve? The same old question coming up every year. If you though about spending New Year's Eve in Europe, here are some excellent locations to celebrate like never before. Prague It is not an insider’s tip anymore but Prague is just an amazing city and a guarantee for awesome […]

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5. November 2022
25Hours Hafencity Hotel in Hamburg

I stepped inside this funky place and immediately felt at home. That's exactly what many hotels try to achieve and it's what actually happened when I first stayed at 25hours Hafencity. A huge open area with comfortable leather chairs in different shapes, good music and bicycles hanging from the walls. - A bit crazy but […]

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2. November 2022
Clockers Bar Hamburg - The Home of Clockers Gin

Welcome to the Jungle! That’s the first thing you might think when you take a look into the Clockers Bar. The walls are decorated with moss, illuminated branches are hanging from the ceiling and the tables in the sitting area are made from tree trunks. The little monkey on the clockers emblem should feel comfortable […]

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30. October 2022
7 Places You Must See in Hamburg

In votings for the most beautiful cities in Germany Hamburg is always in the top positions… why? Because Hamburg is damn beautiful. If you prefer walking or cycling over driving by bus, tram or car then Hamburg is perfect for you. The city is pretty flat and has a quite small city center compared to the […]

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27. October 2022
Dublin: What To Do & Where To Go

At first sight Dublin was quite different from what I expected. I thought Dublin was kind of a miniature version of London or something like that. I mean, I know Ireland isn’t British, but somehow I imagined Dublin to be a bit British anyway. But in fact it has very little in common with London. […]

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26. October 2022
Most Beautiful Cities in Ireland

Most people travel to Ireland because of the incredible landscape - especially on the western coast, the country is less crowded and there is less traffic. In exchange therefore you get calmness and a lot of sheep. I have been looking forward to see the Green Island with its the lush green landscape and wasn't […]

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21. October 2022
5 Ultimate Must-Sees in Western Ireland

While travelling Ireland I didn’t only visit adorable cities but also saw amazing nature and landscapes. Mainly I was at the west coast because there are most of the popular sights.

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