Hello, fellow traveler!

My name is Richard, and I'm travelling the world full-time for more than ten years as a Digital Nomad.

I lately started this website to share what I've learned and help others living the life they always wanted.  

I can promise you, it's possible to work from places where others spend their holiday without breaking the bank. All you need is passion, patience, and the will to do it.

Also if you just want to travel the world for a few months or a year, I have plenty of tips, guides, and recommendations on what to do and what not to do.

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

“How do I find the money to travel the world? Everything seems too expensive.”
“Where do I find the best hotel or flight deals?”
“How do I find the best accommodations that and how can I save on flights as well as other expenses?”
“What's the best way to plan my trip?”
“In a new country, how can I stay safe and healthy?”
“How can I make the best out of my time on the road?”
“I really want to travel and see the world, but am I starting?”

You are definitely not alone. Since I started traveling the world in 2007, I’ve helped thousands of people finding cheaper flights, better  accommodations, delicious restaurants, and better itineraries for their trips. By collecting these tips on this website, I want to help you spending less time on searching the internet and instead give you more time to actually enjoy your trip. 

From 9-to-5 to living as a Digital Nomad

Growing up in Philadelphia, I have never been a traveler or explorer. Also my, family and friends were not that much into discovering what the world has to offer.But after finishing college and working in on office day in day out, I decided that I wanted more from life.

It all started with a first trip to South-East Asia and I was hooked. The experience of traveling on my own, tasting new food, meeting new and friendly people from all kinds of places made my life so much better. I learned more about other cultures, animals, food, and many other things I had only read about in books.

From that moment on, I decided I have to do this way more often - but I didn't know how. The following year, a trip to Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam opened my eyes even more. People I met in the buzzing city of Bangkok showed me how I could travel the world while earning money on the road. They were bloggers, Journalists, some even worked as Designers (back then that was a rarity). 

Fast forward a few years, I’ve traveled more than 100 countries, hundreds of thousands of miles, and slept in more than a thousand hostels, guesthouses, and hotels. I tasted weird food like fried scorpions or Durian, met new friends, learned new languages, and most importantly learned how I can travel on the cheaper side while earning enough to pay for my lifestyle. 

Information, Tips, and Recommendations

This website should help you planning trips, finding the best accomodations, the best way to get from A to B, and inspire you to discover the world. Everything I recommend here is tried and tested, so don't worry about following my advice.

Now, what are you waiting for? Discover the world (and maybe also my website) and meet new people, discover crazy food, amazing beaches, and all this with the help of my knowledge of traveling for more than a decade. 

Thanks for visiting my website, and I look forward to helping you travel more and better.


Richard from Travelwunder

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