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28. October 2022
Explore Ho Chi Minh City by Scooter

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Ho-Chi-Minh city (HMC) is the ridiculous traffic. Vietnams’ biggest city is complete chaos, just what you expect from any Asian city. But this city is the epitome of traffic chaos - even within Vietnam you'll not find any place that's close to this madness. […]

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25. October 2022
Untouched Myanmar: Taking the Slow Train From Thazi To Shwenyaung

A former colleague of mine had told me about this incredibly slow train through Myanmar - the Slow Train. As the name implies, it's a slowly moving train that tourism has not yet discovered for itself. Taking this you can get to know Myanmar from a completely different side than, for example in Bagan or […]

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