25Hours Hafencity Hotel in Hamburg

5. November 2022
Richard Narlow

I stepped inside this funky place and immediately felt at home. That's exactly what many hotels try to achieve and it's what actually happened when I first stayed at 25hours Hafencity. A huge open area with comfortable leather chairs in different shapes, good music and bicycles hanging from the walls. - A bit crazy but with style.

“Almost home” is also the official slogan of all 25Hours Hotels and that fits perfectly. And if you ever stayed in a hostel, you might know that actually it is easier to feel at home in the common rooms there than in the lobby of a hotel. But 25Hours trigger immediately this fell-at-ease-feeling.

After a warm welcome and the check-in I took one of the two "freight" elevators up to our room on the 5th floor. I opened the door and was greeted by a view above the port of Hamburg and a perfectly fluffy carpet. Personally, I do like carpets in hotel rooms quite a lot, they make the room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Apart from the lovely carpet the room was equipped with big and cozy beds, a rain shower and a really witty furniture in a maritime style with attention to detail. So at first I took some time to admire the furnishings made from ropes, wood and old suitcases, the supercool wallpaper (alone for the wallpaper I easily spent half an hour) and all the other specials.

Some lovely specials for guests

The best and at the same time the most surprising thing about the concept of the 25hotels are the unique extras. Here someone really thought about what makes people happy.

For example every room provides a Boombox that you can take with you wherever you want, to the Alster or under the shower, as long as it is back in the room by the time you check out.

And you can lend bikes for tours through the city and if you plan to travel a little further you can even take one of the Mini Cooper from the hotel – for free!

My highlight - The sauna

My absolute favorite was the “Hafensauna” with a panoramic view over the whole port of Hamburg. I took my of the small amenity kit filled with fluffy bathrobes, a set of towels and slippers at the reception and got up on the 6th floor.

Behind an inconspicuous door at the end of the corridor is a wonderful wellness oasis: there are panoramic windows that can be slid open, an open roof with an awning, large loungers and the sauna itself with the amazing view.

As I was quite late I had the whole sauna to myself and stayed up there for almost two hours. Thanks to the complimentary minibar with beer, water and coke it's quite easy to stay there for a loooong while.


Breakfast the next morning also was really awesome and left nothing to be desired. From scrambled eggs to cornflakes everything was there, in good quality and soooo delicious that I’m getting hungry only by writing about it. And at the first morning of our stay I was so lucky to snatch one of the tables in the cute booths at the windows.

All in all...

…my stay at 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg Hafencity was close to perfect. The staff is incredibly friendly, the common rooms are so beautiful and cozy, the breakfast and the rooms are top notch and don't get me started talking about the amazing sauna.

It's just a perfect cross between the comfort of a luxury hotel and the relaxed atmosphere of a hostel.

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