Clockers Bar Hamburg - The Home of Clockers Gin

2. November 2022
Richard Narlow

Welcome to the Jungle! That’s the first thing you might think when you take a look into the Clockers Bar. The walls are decorated with moss, illuminated branches are hanging from the ceiling and the tables in the sitting area are made from tree trunks. The little monkey on the clockers emblem should feel comfortable here in the gin-jungle at St. Pauli.

Clockers – a hidden gem in St. Pauli

Wouldn’t I have searched specifically for Clockers Bar, I never would have made it here. I simply would have walked by without even realizing there is a bar. Even with the address at hand I was in doubt whether I am at the right place. No sign, no advertisement only a plain open door invited us to step inside. That way the crazy Reeperbahn-tourists stay mostly out of the bar and for everyone else it doesn’t need more than an open door to lure them into Clockers bar. 

Bar culture at its’ finest

I took notice of the Clockers bar mainly because of the gin. If someone produces a spirit that so good the bar should be just as good – at least that was what I thought. And I wasn't disappointed. I already told you about the lovely furniture of the bar but the drinks aren't less inviting.

Since I already tasted the Clockers Gin I ordered a Lions Roast to try something different. That's a drink made with rye whiskey, homemade herbal liqueur and espresso liqueur. Another favorite of mine was the Passionate Maki. A fruit-driven Gin cocktail.

And that you have to pay a little more for your cocktail than at the Reeperbahn but that's absolutely justified.

The “Songerie”

If you’re into more exclusive stuff: when you climb up the winding stairs to the first floor you get to the “Songerie”. Translated from the French that means reverie or in German “Träumerei” and that is what it is.

While you are relaxing in leather chairs surrounded by shelves with old books, a bar tender mixes your very own cocktail – whatever you like for a fixed price of 15€. If you want to enjoy that luxury together with your friends you can book the Songerie for a whole evening. 

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