Best places in Europe for New Year’s Eve

8. November 2022

What's the plan for New Year’s Eve? The same old question coming up every year. If you though about spending New Year's Eve in Europe, here are some excellent locations to celebrate like never before.


It is not an insider’s tip anymore but Prague is just an amazing city and a guarantee for awesome parties. -And for New Year’s Eve Prague is just the right place. The choice of bars and clubs is huge and you can make up your mind where to go beforehand or just go with the crowd.

For the fireworks it’s best to go to the Moldova. -And even if you’re lost in celebration and missed the fireworks there’s a chance to catch up on it the next day at 6PM.


If you like it a bit classier, Vienna might be the city of your choice. Concerts, balls, or hustle and bustle around St. Stephen’s Cathedral, no matter what you prefer, you can be sure to start your new year with a waltz 🙂  After the traditional part everyone is leaving for the bars and clubs nearby. And if you can’t get enough of celebrating the New Year, you can join the world famous New Year’s concert at the next morning.


Island in general is a very special, fascinating and somehow mystical country. So if you like to celebrate a little different this year you should go to Reykjavik. Islanders just do everything out of the usual way, and since the football European championship everyone knows that they know how to party hard. And also the fireworks don’t have to hide away, they already start at 11PM and go on long after midnight. And if you are a little lucky you might even see a Northern light behind all the pyrotechnic. And further Iceland is said to be the most peaceful country in the world, so it’s gonna be an awesome night without having to worry about you way home.


You want to party outside in the open air without freezing to death 😉 Then maybe Barcelona is a good choice for spending your New Year’s Eve. In clubs or at the beach, there’s everywhere something going on. The biggest celebration is around is in the area around Montjuic, here is the meeting point for all the party people. In this video you get a small foretaste of what to expect there.


London is always awesome and famous for perfect nights out and New Year’s Eve isn’t an exception. Admittedly, since 2014 you have to pay a 10£-entry fee for the fireworks at the River Thames but it is worth it. And except from that you can enjoy the night at one of the many typical British music events. The range is huge and there sure is the right party for everyone. And if you have the money, have a look at the specials from the Skybar, here you get not only a great party but also one of the best views of London. –But be prepared to pay 375£.


Hamburg is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. The fireworks at New Year’s Eve are traditionally accompanied by bugles of the ships in the harbor. From the “Landungsbrücken” you have a really amazing view of the whole thing. And if you don’t want to spend the night with the bugles in the harbor you can as well celebrate at the “Alster” or the “Reeperbahn”. And since we just came back from Hamburg, you can find a few tips want to do if you stay a little longer in the city.


Last but not least the second port city that offers a lot of wonderful options for New Year’s Eve. At the turn of the year the whole city turns into a big party. Rembrandtplein counts for one of the best locations for partying, we checked that out already and have no other choice than to confirm this.

And with Nieuwmarkt and Leidsplein there are two more perfect places for New Year’s Eve. Everywhere are restaurants and bars with New Year’s Eve-specials. And the fireworks at midnight you should watch form Scheepvaartmuseum. There are the official New Year’s fireworks of the city of Amsterdam 🙂 

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