The 5 Best Places for Espresso Chiang Mai

13. February 2023
Richard Narlow

Coffee in Thailand has come a long way in recent years, with Chiang Mai emerging as a popular destination for coffee lovers. The high-quality coffee beans grown in the hills and mountains around Chiang Mai are part of the reason for this shift. In fact, the quantity and quality of coffee produced in Thailand have increased significantly over the past few years.

Despite producing some amazing coffee, getting a great Espresso can still be tricky. Most Thai people don’t like the strong and bitter taste of traditional espresso and are unfamiliar with what a great espresso should taste like.

However, there are still plenty of places to get your Espresso fix in Chiang Mai – you just need to know where to look. So don't miss out on the amazing coffee experience that the city has to offer and find the best places to drink an Espresso in Chiang Mai.

Map of all mentioned Cafés

Ponganes Coffee Roasters

Step into Ponganes Coffee Roasters and be welcomed by the inviting aroma of freshly roasted coffee. This cozy and teeny tiny coffeehouse is nestled in the heart of the historic old town of Chiang Mai and is a true gem on the local coffee scene. Featuring an amazing selection of coffee from around the world, including their signature Ethiopian blend, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee before or after exploring the city.

Their espresso is renowned as one of the best in town, and their focus is solely on making the best coffee possible. So while they don't offer a range of food items or wifi, Ponganes is an excellent place to unwind and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Akha Ama Coffee La Fattoria

Experience one of the most sought-after coffee places in Chiang Mai: Akha Ama, renowned for its locally sourced beans that are roasted to perfection. Not only is the coffee here incredibly rich and flavourful, but it's also incredibly affordable with prices that are incredibly fair for the quality of coffee you get.

Visit the outlet at Phrasingh for the full Akha Ama experience, with many Asian influencers taking countless pictures here. But for something a bit more peaceful, head to the smaller Fattoria outlet and enjoy the same quality (or even better) of coffee with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sip on an espresso that's strong and flavourful, with none of the sour aftertastes you get in some other places, or try the range of other coffees such as cold brews, cold drips, Americanos, and lattes.

Akha Ama is one of the fanciest and best places to enjoy coffee in Chiang Mai and you won't regret stopping by.

Pegasus Café & Roastery

Experience one of the best coffees and teas in Chiang Mai at this super cute cafe tucked away from Main Street. Located in a small alley next to Wat Chedi Luang, owner Nong uses only the finest selected beans from Chiang Mai, roasting them himself, and even his ginger syrup is handmade. Enjoy your coffee in the cozy green-shaded courtyard while Nong and his wife welcome you with open arms.

Their espresso is amazing, but don't miss out on their drip coffee and dirty latte. If you're looking for something different, try their cold brew - it has interesting citrusy and fruity notes that you won't find anywhere else. I highly recommend this hidden gem – you won’t regret it!

Asama Coffee & Roastery

If you're looking for something special in Chiang Mai, Asama is the place to be. Located 10km outside of the city center in a residential village, the coffee shop enjoys a peaceful setting next to a small lake. Although it's not the ideal spot for a quick cup, it's worth the journey if you're out on a longer excursion.

Asama is renowned for its coffee, crafted with care in the small on-site roasting room. Professional-grade Spirit coffee machines are used to create the perfect espresso blend, and you'll be astonished by the depth and flavor of every single cup. There are also a few non-coffee drinks and snacks available as accompaniments.

Experience the unique atmosphere of Asama and taste one of the best espressos in Chiang Mai.

Ristr8to Lab

Step into a world of coffee culture at Ristr8to, a Chiang Mai coffee operation inspired by the best coffee cultures of the world. Since opening their first shop in 2011, they have expanded to include Ristr8to Lab – my absolute favorite!

Ristr8to Lab is a unique blend of a coffee shop and cocktail bar, where you can find not only exceptionally skilled head baristas, but also bartenders that can mix up some of the most inventive coffee cocktails you'll ever try. With its top-notch espresso, the best latte art in the city, and an amazing selection of creative coffee drinks, Ristr8to Lab is the perfect place to visit when in Chiang Mai. Don't miss out – check it out today!

Final note

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